The Substance

To be plastic! Society’s demand to be uncompromisingly perfect, shiny and smooth to the touch.

plas·tic  (plstk)

1. Capable of being shaped or formed: plastic material such as clay.
2. Relating to or dealing with shaping or modeling: the plastic art of sculpture.
3. Having the qualities of sculpture; well-formed: “the astonishing plastic beauty of the chorus girls” (Frank Harris).
4. Giving form or shape to a substance: the plastic forces that create and wear down a mountain range.
5. Easily influenced; impressionable.
6. Made of a plastic or plastics: a plastic garden hose.
7. Physics Capable of undergoing continuous deformation without rupture or relaxation.
8. Biology Capable of building tissue; formative.
9. Marked by artificiality or superficiality; synthetic: a plastic world of fad, hype, and sensation.

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